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Alcoholic Beverages Tax

Amusement Gross Receipts (Repealed January 1, 2014)

Bank Privilege Tax (Repealed June 30, 2016)

Certain Machinery and Equipment (1% Privilege Tax)

Conveyance Tax

Corporate Income and Franchise

Dry Cleaning Solvent


Estates and Trusts

Freight Car Line Companies

Gift Tax

Individual Income

Installment Paper Dealer Tax

Insurance Gross Premiums Tax

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Motor Fuels

Motor Vehicle Lease and Rental

Mutual Burial Association Tax

Newsprint Publications Privilege Tax (Repealed October 22, 2015)

Partnership Tax

Piped Natural Gas (Repealed July 1, 2014)

Primary Forest Products

Privilege License Tax

Property Tax

Sales & Use Tax

Scrap Tire Disposal

Severance Tax (Effective July 1, 2015)

Solid Waste Disposal

Tobacco Products Tax

Water and Sewer Companies Tax (Repealed July 1, 2014)

White Goods Disposal Tax

Withholding Tax

Service Charge General Forms

General Forms

Business Address Correction, Form NC-AC

Business Tax Interview, Form RO-1066

Claim For Refund of Taxes, Form NC-19 (Do not use this form for individual income tax or sales and use tax.)
See Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions
See Business Claim for Refund State and County Sales and Use Taxes

Collection Information Statement for Businesses, Form RO-1063

Collection Information Statement for Individuals, Form RO-1062

Electronic Filing (Sales & Use)

Electronic Funds Transfer

Garnishment Payment Coupon

Notice of Contingent Event or Request to Extend Statute of Limitations, Form NC-14

Objection and Request for Departmental Review, Form NC-242

Offer In Compromise

Penalty Waiver Request, Form NC-5500

Power of Attorney

Request for Written Determination, Form NC-481

Special Penalty and Interest Waiver - COVID 19, Form NC-5502

Taxpayer Representative e-Business Center Access Authorization, Form Gen-53

Additional Form Information Order Forms

Order Forms

Order Forms