Administration and Leadership

The NC Department of Revenue is a Cabinet Agency under the leadership of the Secretary of Revenue, the Chief Operating Officer and five Assistant Secretaries.

Secretary of Revenue Ronald G. Penny

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The following report to the Secretary of Revenue:

  • Internal Audit Division Director, Daryl Morrison
  • Legislative Liaison, Ken Wright
  • Public Affairs Director, Donna-maria Harris
  • Chief Financial Officer, Jacqueline McKoy
  • Office of the Taxpayer Advocate Director, Angela Stephenson
  • Human Resources Director, Harlan Frye
  • General Counsel, Tenisha Jacobs
  • Administrative Officer/Executive Assistant, Cheryl Benedetto

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Information Officer David Roseberry

  • IT Systems, Development and Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking Services
  • Innovation and Continuous Delivery
  • Project Management Office
  • Technical Architecture
  • Cloud Services
  • Assistant Secretary for Tax Administration, Anthony Edwards
    • Corporate Tax Division
    • Personal Tax Division
    • Excise Tax Division
    • Sales and Use Tax Division
    • Local Government Division
    • Knowledge, Education and Outreach Division 
  • Assistant Secretary for Business Services and Support, Angela Altice
    • Procurement and Contracts Division 
    • Tax Systems Coordination and Oversight Division 
    • Customer Service and Quality Assurance Divisions
    • Digital Services Division 
    • Service Management Applications and Testing Division 
  • Assistant Secretary for Tax Enforcement and Compliance, Alan Woodard
    • Examination Division
    • Taxpayer Assistance and Collection Division
    • Criminal Investigation Division
    • Tax Analytics Division
    • Involuntary Compliance Logistics and Operations Support Division
  • Assistant Secretary for Tax Processing, Research & Equity, McKinley Wooten, Jr.
    • Submissions Processing Division
    • Business Operations Division 
    • Statistical Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Tax Research and Equity