County Assessor and Appraiser Certifications

North Carolina law requires the Department of Revenue to provide a certification and continuing education program for county assessors and appraisers. The following table may be used to verify data in our records for those individuals. 

Due to delays in information being reported to our office and subsequent verification by our staff, continuing education credit earned may not appear in the table for up to five weeks or more from the end of a course.

The type of certification indicates the following:

ASSR - Assessor

  • Certified - Has been appointed as the assessor and certified by NCDOR
  • Acting - Has been appointed as the assessor, but is not yet certified by the NCDOR. To be a certified assessor, the provisions of NCGS 105-294 must be met.

Type of certification also indicates the following:

PERS - Certified Personal Property Appraiser
REAL - Certified Real Property Appraiser
BOTH - Certified as Both a Real and a Personal Property Appraiser

  • Eligible - Has met NCDOR educational requirements for assessor and is qualified for the position, but may or may not have been an assessor in the past.
  • N/A - Individual is a certified appraiser, but is not eligible to be the assessor, nor have they ever been a certified assessor.

SUSPENDED - Appraiser did not obtain the mandated 30 or more continuing education credit hours during a previous education cycle.