Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Welcome to the NCDOR’s Redesigned Website

Raleigh, NC
Dec 5, 2017

The N.C. Department of Revenue launched its redesigned website on Thursday, Dec. 7. The new site is easier to navigate and more accessible for taxpayers and the public. It is also the first step in an upgrade of the agency’s electronic services.


Here are the key things you need to know about the redesigned website:

1.  The site has been reorganized based on common taxpayer transactions and inquiries. The structure of the site is reflected in the row of links at the top of the front page, which include:

  • File and Pay: this link leads to the transactions and e-services, including registrations, filing tax returns and paying taxes.
  • Taxes: this link leads to the tax information on all schedules, including forms, notices, bulletins and other tax information and guidance.
  • Received a Notice: this leads to the information about notices, including types of notices.
  • Most taxpayers should use these three links as they learn to navigate the new site. There are other links along the top of the homepage including News, About Us, and Contact Us.

2.  The electronic transaction pages (file and pay, registrations, etc.) on the site will be changed from the old fashioned green and yellow design to the same new look as the rest of the site. This will be a phased transition, with the transaction pages changing a few at a time over several months. This change will ultimately make the site visually more consistent.

3.  The site is designed on the same Digital Commons platform as other state agencies including the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Health and Human Services.

4.  The site has a new address, www.ncdor.gov. Taxpayers and preparers who have bookmarked agency web pages in the past must create new bookmarks from the new pages.

5.  If you have any feedback on the new site, suggestions for improvements, or if you find broken links or other content issues, please let us know by using our web suggestion.

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