Notices and Updates

Written Determination Published on Car Wash Services

A written determination applies the tax law to a specific set of existing facts furnished by a particular taxpayer. A written determination is applicable only to the individual taxpayer addressed and as such has no precedential value except to the taxpayer to whom the determination is issued.

Read the determination.

NCDOR Publishes Updated Form E-589CI, Affidavit of Capital Improvement

The form was updated to incorporate legislative changes enacted by the 2017 Session of the General Assembly. Generally, services to real property are retail sales of or the gross receipts derived from repair, maintenance, and installation services, unless a person substantiates that a transaction is subject to sales and use tax as a real property contract, a mixed transaction contract, or the transaction is not subject to sales and use tax.

NCDOR Secretary Announces Waiver of Failure to File Penalty for NC-3 Forms Due January 31, 2018

Because some taxpayers have had questions regarding the Department’s filing requirements for Form NC-3 and certain 1099 informational returns, Secretary Ronald G. Penny has elected to automatically waive the failure to file penalty on NC-3 forms due to be filed by January 31, 2018, but which are filed after that date. As such, the Department will not impose the failure to file penalty on NC-3 forms due to be filed on January 31, 2018 if the return is not timely filed.