What to Expect When Filing Taxes This Year

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Opening: NCDOR began accepting tax year 2023 Individual Income tax returns on Monday, January 29. NCDOR began accepting electronic 2023 Corporate Income and Franchise, Partnership Income, and Estates and Trusts Income tax returns on January 18. 

We expect to begin processing and validating returns in March. We encourage you to eFile now if your software provides the option.

Due Date: For calendar year taxpayers, the due date to file income tax returns is Monday, April 15, 2024. 

The latest information about refunds can be found on our refund page



NCDOR encourages taxpayers to use electronic filing rather than paper filing. eFiling ensures a faster refund and is the most secure way to file. Paper returns will not be processed earlier than electronic returns. 

Approved Software 

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This page was last modified on 01/31/2024