eNC5Q Software Developer Testing Information

NCDOR requests that all software developers/payroll service providers register and participate in our eNC5Q file format testing and review process. This new process will allow the Department to:

  • Verify your file formats are correct
  • Display your product(s) on the Department's website


Testing Information

Instructions for Test File Format and Product Review Process

  • eNC5Q Product Registration Form
  • Testing Instructions and Requirements
    • Test File Scenario Package
      1. If a scenario cannot be submitted, please provide a detailed explanation why and when you anticipate the file will be submitted.
    • Test File Data Requirements
      1. Text files (.txt) are the only acceptable formats
      2. Test SSNs, FEIN/EINs cannot be all 0's, 6's or 9's
      3. Do Not use Personal Identifying Information (PII) or Federal Taxable Income (FTI) information in your text files. All test data should be dummy (fake) information that cannot be associated with a valid taxpayer account.