eNC5Q Frequently Asked Questions

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Although we encourage you to file Form NC-5Q online through the eNC5Q application, you can also complete the form and mail to NCDOR by the due date. There is no penalty for not filing electronically.

No. You cannot electronically file Form NC-5Q using an "applied for" status. If you have applied for but have not received an NC State Withholding ID Number, please contact the Department for assistance at 877-252-3052.

No. You must complete and file a paper Form NC-5PX, and mail the payment for the tax and interest due with Form NC-5PX. For additional details and instructions, see Form NC-5PX.

If you receive an error after testing a file, you can:

  • Contact the software provider if you used software to create the file, or
  • Determine where the error occurred by reviewing the error message and correct your file accordingly.

If you are unable to use the file upload option you can manually enter Form NC-5Q.

Check to make sure you are entering your NC State Withholding ID Number.  This is the number you received when you registered to pay withholding tax with the Department. You can confirm the validity of your NC State Withholding ID Number by calling 877-252-3052.

Note: If you registered for a new NC State Withholding ID Number after the end of the quarter for which you are filing, you may not be eligible to submit Form NC-5Q statements using the eNC5Q Application.  In this case, a paper Form NC-5Q must be filed with the Department on or before the due date.  You can use the eNC5Q application to file the next quarter.