AV-10 Application for Property Tax Exemption or Exclusion

AV-10 Application is for property classified and excluded from the tax base under North Carolina General Statute: 105-275(8) Pollution abatement/recycling; 105-275(17) Veterans organizations; 105-275(18); (19) Lodges, fraternal & civic purposes; 105-275(20) Goodwill Industries; 105-275(45) Solar energy electric system; 105-275(46) Charter school property; 105-277.13 Brownfields-Attach brownfields agreement; 105-278.3 Religious purposes; 105-278.4 Educational purposes (institutional); 105-278.5 Religious educational assemblies; 105-278.6 Home for the aged, sick, or infirm; 105-278.6 Low- or moderate-income housing; 105-278.6 YMCA, SPCA, VFD, orphanage; 105-278.6A CCRC; 105-278.7 Other charitable, educational, etc.; 105-278.8 Charitable hospital purposes; 131A-21 Medical Care Commission bonds; 105-275(12) Nonprofit corporation or association organized to receive and administer lands for conservation purposes; 105-275(29a) Historic district property held as a future site of a historic structure; 105-277.14 Working waterfront property; 105-277.15A Site infrastructure land; 105-278 Historic property; 105-278.6(e) Nonprofit property held as a future site of low- or moderate-income housing.