2016 Business Personal Property Listing Form

2016 County Business Personal Property Listing Form and Instructions. Any individual(s) or business(es) owning or possessing personal property used or connected with a business or other income producing purpose on January 1. Temporary absence of personal property from the place at which it is normally taxable shall not affect this rule. For example, a lawn tractor used for personal use, to mow the lawn at your home is not listed. However, a lawn tractor used as part of a landscaping business in this county must be listed if the lawn tractor is normally in this county, even if it happens to be in another state or county on January 1. North Carolina General Statute 105-308 states Duty to list; penalty for failure. Every person in whose name any property is to be listed under the terms of this Subchapter shall list the property with the assessor within the time allowed by law on an abstract setting forth the information required by this Subchapter. In addition to all other penalties prescribed by law, any person whose duty it is to list any property who willfully fails or refuses to list the same within the time prescribed by law shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. The failure to list shall be prima facie evidence that the failure was willful. Any person who willfully attempts, or who willfully aids or abets any person to attempt, in any manner to evade or defeat the taxes imposed under this Subchapter, whether by removal or concealment of property or otherwise, shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.