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Tax Fraud Alert for Individuals

Tax Fraud Alert for Individuals

Each year, the Department of Revenue identifies unscrupulous tax return preparers. These individuals prepare fraudulent returns that allow their clients to receive larger refunds than they are legally entitled to receive. Often these returns contain fraudulent information that was included on the tax return without the knowledge or consent of the client.

To protect yourself from fraudulent activity, you should always review your completed return with your tax professional. If you do not understand the information on your return or, if you see information that is not correct, question your preparer to satisfy your concerns. If you are not satisfied with the response, notify the Department of Revenue. Some things that you should watch for include:

  • Federal and State refunds that are significantly larger than you have received in past years;
  • Inflated itemized deductions listed on Schedule A of your federal tax return, including medical expenses, contributions, mortgage interest, and unreimbursed employee expenses such as education, uniforms and tools, and mileage;
  • Improper losses from the operation of a business claimed on Schedule C of your federal return;
  • Returns filed without your paid preparer's signature and tax identification number;
  • Excessive tax preparation fees.

If you believe your return was not properly prepared, contact the Department of Revenue toll-free at 1-800-232-4939, or complete a Tax Fraud Referral Form and mail it to the Department. Any information you provide and the source of the information will be kept confidential.