Sales and Use EDI Resources for Developers

For tax service providers and/or business taxpayers: Find the information here to develop EDI software for Sales and Use. 

What are the requirements for developing software to place a North Carolina Sales and Use tax return into an EDI file format?

  • You must complete the EDI Response Form Sales and Use Tax Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Registration. The completed EDI Response Form should be faxed or mailed as noted on the form.
  • Select the appropriate form year to access the technical specification for that form which will include the most current North Carolina Department of Revenue EDI 813 Sales Tax Map.
  • Questions about the technical specifications should be directed via email to
  • You will be required to submit test returns to verify that your software has placed the Sales and Use tax return in the proper format per our technical specifications.
  • Once you are ready to begin the testing process, you must download the test package and send an email to so that you can receive further testing instructions. You will be notified of the test results within two business days of our receipt of the test returns.