Sales and Use Tax EDI Approved Software Developers

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has tested and approved software designed by the vendors listed below for electronic filing of the North Carolina Sales and Use Tax Return and breakdown schedules in an electronic data interchange (EDI) format. Please continue to visit this site for a list of the software products as they are approved and links to the developers' sites.


CORPTAX Inc. offers a comprehensive sales and use tax system with up-to-date forms, rates, and reports for every state and most local jurisdictions. The system’s database stores historical and current sales and use tax information, so you can conduct tax analyses, produce audit data and customize reports. With CORPSales, you can fully automate the sales and use tax return preparation process to produce timely and accurate returns. Electronic filing is available for all states providing that option.


Telephone: 800-966-1639


Ryan, LLC
Ryan offers a suite of tax technology products that increase the accuracy, efficiency, and control of your functions. Ryan products are designed and supported by developers with corporate tax advisory experience. They include an integrated suite of returns, sales and use calculation, rates, and certificate management software. Ryan applications enable and support a strategic approach to automating your tax processes with accuracy and efficiency. This results in the reduction of time, taxes, manual processes, and cost while improving efficiency, productivity, comprehension, and compliance.
Telephone: 972-934-0022

Vertex, Inc.

Vertex Indirect Tax Returns is a Windows®-based desktop application that ties up all the loose ends with one click of a button. This product automates the entire returns preparation process, bringing up virtually all the tax returns, schedules, worksheets and reports you'll need right on your screen -- with your tax data automatically filled in from information supplied by virtually any financial application. EDI filing (Electronic Data Interchange) is also available for North Carolina.

Telephone: 800-281-1900