Document Name
A Taxpayer May Contest the Department’s Determination That an Amended Return
Additional published guidance to supplement 2015 legislative changes on Form E-505
IFTA Credential Grace Period - Effective October 1, 2020
Important Notice - Tax Credits Involving Partnerships
Important Notice for Form NC-1099NRS
Important Notice: Disaster Assistance Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
Important Notice: Purchasers May Elect to Have Seller Collect and Remit Sales and Use Tax on Certain Boat, Aircraft, and Qualified Jet Engine Charges and Services in Lieu of Obtaining a Direct Pay Permit Certificate (10-11-17)
Important Notice: Qualifying Farmer and Conditional Farmer Exemption Expansion
Important Notice: 911 Service Charge Increases to Sixty-Five Cents (65¢) 04-10-18
Important Notice: Additional 0.25% Local Sales and Use Tax Effective April 1, 2019
Important Notice: Additional 0.25% Local Sales and Use Tax Effective October 1, 2020
Important Notice: Excise Tax on Interactive Sports Wagering Operators
Important Notice: Form E-581 Updated – Interstate Carrier Claim for Refund
Important Notice: Important Information for Payment Settlement Entities
Important Notice: Repeal of Article 5F (Certain Machinery and Equipment Tax) 04-09-18
Important Notice: Tax Credits Involving Partnerships
Important Notice: Updated Form E-589CI, Affidavit of Capital Improvement (03-06-18)
Information on Vapor Products Tax - Effective October 1, 2018
Information Regarding Delivery Sales of Certain Tobacco Products - Effective November 1, 2019