The Department of Revenue Is An Excellent Choice for the Second (or Third) Chapter of Your Career

If you want more time with your family, have had enough of the corporate rat race, are retired but not ready to retire, tired of dodging layoffs, the NC Department of Revenue is an excellent second chapter for your career.

Round 2 at Revenue is a recruiting focus for professionals who have left a former career and want to embark on a new journey. Our Round 2 team members come to us from education, law enforcement, the private sector, and some are just returning after retirement. They all have different reasons for joining our team, but they come here because they are looking for flexibility, opportunities to learn new skills, and a sense of being valued at work.


NCDOR is an employer of choice among government agencies. We offer:

  • An Opportunity to Learn New Skills: you don’t need to know about taxes. We’ll teach you what you need to know, and we offer additional learning and development opportunities to help you advance in Round 2 of your career.
  • A Competitive Benefits Package: NCDOR offers a range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance, a strong retirement plan, employee assistance, and more.
  • A Real Work-Life Balance: NCDOR employees enjoy a generous vacation and sick leave package as well as time off for community service, including volunteering at your children’s schools.
  • A Respectful and Appreciative Workplace: NCDOR goes to great lengths to keep employees engaged and appreciated. We offer awards for years of service, annual appreciation events, opportunities to give back to your community, and more.

We value your professional experience and would love to talk to you about joining us for your own Round 2 at Revenue. Check out our available jobs today.

March 8, 2024

Round 2 At Revenue