eFile Resources


What’s new for eFile?

  • New forms for Individual Income:

    • D-407 NC K-1 - Beneficiary's Share of North Carolina Income, Adjustments, and Credits

    • NC K-1 Supplemental Schedule - Owner or Beneficiary's Share of North Carolina Additions and Deductions

  • New forms for Corporate Income, Partnership Income, and Estates and Trusts:

    • NC-PE - NC Additions and Deductions for Pass-Through Entities, Estates, and Trusts

    • NC K-1 Supplemental Schedule - Owner or Beneficiary's Share of North Carolina Additions and Deductions

Who can eFile?

These tax types (schedules) are available for eFile:

  • Individual Income
  • Corporate Income and Franchise
  • Partnership
  • Estates and Trusts

Taxpayers who request a refund, have a zero balance due, or owe tax, and who are North Carolina full-year residents, part-year residents, or nonresidents can eFile.

eFile benefits

Take advantage of these options:

  • One-stop shop with ability to file and pay state and/or federal together - current, amended, and prior years (up to two years prior to current tax year)
  • Pay by bank draft (no convenience fee) when you eFile your return, or take advantage of payment scheduling options
    • Tax due up until the due date
    • Extension payments up to 6 months in advance
    • Estimated payments up to 12 months in advance
  • Faster, easier, more accurate than using paper forms
  • Easy to follow, interview-type prompts
  • Reduce paperwork, attach PDFs as necessary
  • Reduce common math errors (software is programmed to help with math computations)
  • Built-in software tools for help with deduction discovery and audit risk assessment
  • Automatic confirmation when your tax forms and payments are received
  • Direct deposit of your state tax refund – individuals only!

eFile software eligibility requirements and features vary by provider – be sure to select a product and/or tax professional that meets your filing needs.

eFile availability

For your convenience, we publish lists of NCDOR-approved eFile software providers and products. Review eFile for Free, Individual IncomeCorporate Income and Franchise, Partnership and Estates and Trusts to view the lists.

We update the lists as additional providers and products are approved, or to remove a provider or a product if at any time state or federal requirements are not met. The lists are available throughout the filing year, and accessible for prior year filing and paying needs.

eFile contacts

For questions about the eFile process for Individual Income, Corporate, Partnership, or Estates and Trust taxes, contact the eFile Unit: