The Refund Process

Where's my refund

  • Use the Where’s My Refund application for an up-to-date report on the status of your refund. The information shown in the application is the same information our phone representatives have.
  • Still have questions? Read our FAQs.

Understanding the refund process

Common errors that may cause delays

  • We found a math error in your return or have to make another adjustment. If our adjustment causes a change to your refund amount, you will receive a notice.
  • You used more than one form type to complete your return. The form type is identified in the top left corner of your return. We will return your State tax return for you to complete using the correct form type before we can process your return.
  • Your return was missing information or incomplete. Sometimes returns are missing information such as signatures, ID numbers, bank account information, W-2s, or 1099s. We will contact you to request this information so we can process your return.

How we’re protecting your refund

To protect your refund, we use numerous data sources and capabilities to detect fraud. We may contact you for more information before issuing your refund.

If you believe your refund was lost, stolen, or destroyed, please contact us.

Refund different than you expected?

We may have made an adjustment to your return that caused a change in your refund. You should receive a Notice of Adjustment explaining our change and your new refund amount. Review our Received a Notice page for more information about this notice.


Where's my refund