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NC-30 Income Tax Withholding Tables and Instructions for Employers

Important Notice: Secretary Announces Waiver of Failure to File Penalty for NC-3 Forms Due to Be Filed on January 31, 2018

Individual Income Tax, Pass-Through Entities, and Withholding Bulletin Reflecting Changes Made in the 2017 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly

Important Information for Employers, Pension Payers, and Others that Withhold North Carolina Income Tax. Issued September 15, 2017.

NC-AC Business Address Correction Form

NC-BN Out-of-Business Notification Form

NC-5Q Quarterly Income Tax Withholding Return

North Carolina Withholding Forms and Instructions for Tax Year 2016 (For Employers Who Electronically Pay Withholding Tax Semiweekly)

Important Information about New Form NC-4 NRA

Important Notice To Employers and Pension Payers That Withhold North Carolina Income Tax

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