January 2019 Monthly Report of State Sales and Use Tax Gross Collections and Taxable Sales

The Use-Value Manual for agricultural, horticultural, and forest land. The Use-Value Advisory Board Manual is published yearly to communicate the North Carolina Use-Value Advisory Board's recommended present-use value rates and to explain the methodology used in establishing the recommended rates.

Sales Ratio for Multiple Years

Summary of Historic Rehabilitation Credits (Article 3L) for Credits Initially Claimed in Tax Year 2018 (Original)

Historic Rehabilitation Credits (Article 3L) Taken in Tax Year 2018 (Original)

The Statistical Abstract of North Carolina Taxes provides statistics concerning taxes imposed under the Revenue Laws of North Carolina. It is designed to give legislators, tax professionals, researchers, and other interested citizens of North Carolina information about the amount of taxes collected, classifications of taxpayers, and the geographic distribution of taxes. The Statistical Abstract includes both historical series of data and detailed reports for the most recent fiscal or tax year available.

Film Production Tax Credits and Grants: Credits Received/Grants for Tax Year Ending in 2018

Economic Incentive Refunds and Certain Industrial Facilities Refunds Claimed During Calendar Year 2017 (Revised)

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