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This document contains instructions regarding how to complete Form E-588F, Claim for Refund Motor Vehicle Lease or Subscription Taxes.

This form is for use by taxpayers who have overpaid Motor Vehicle Lease or Subscription Taxes.

Use Form E-500F to file and report your North Carolina motor limited possession commitment tax liability. Do not report the motor vehicle limited possession commitment tax liability on the sales and use tax return.

An Excise Tax claim for refund used to obtain a refund for motor fuel used in a qualified Special Mobile Equipment.



This form includes an overview of many changes primarily enacted by the 2019 Session of the General Assembly to the taxes administered by the Sales and Use Tax Division and changes of interpretation by the Secretary of Revenue.

If you collect county and/or transit tax for more than one county, complete Form E-536, Schedule of County Sales and Use Taxes, and mail with your sales and use tax return.  This form corresponds with filing periods April 2019 and forward.

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