The Use-Value Manual for agricultural, horticultural, and forest land. The Use-Value Advisory Board Manual is published yearly to communicate the North Carolina Use-Value Advisory Board's recommended present-use value rates and to explain the methodology used in establishing the recommended rates.

The AV-9 application is for property tax relief under North Carolina General Statute 105-277.1 Elderly or Disabled Exclusion; 105-277.1C Disabled Veteran Exclusion; 105-277.1B Circuit Breaker Tax Deferment Program.

Certificate of Compliance - August 1, 2017 Certificate of Compliance - August 1, 2017

Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Compliance 1/1/17

2017 Economic Incentives Report: Economic Incentive and Certain Industrial Facilities Refunds (Supplement)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specifications for the 813 transaction set, Version 4010, for the North Carolina Sales and Use 2017 Tax Return. Note that some segments and data elements that may be optional in the ANSI X 12 standards are mandatory in the NC layout. Follow these specifications to create your Sales and Use EDI files for electronic submission to NCDOR.

Federal Update (SITLP) Calendar 2017 PDF

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