These documents comprise the Service Design Package, a project deliverable that details all functional and non-functional requirements for system changes necessitated by the project. These documents address requirements including, but not limited to, Security, Dataflow and Architecture, Data Retention, Hardware and Software, Availability and Capacity, Testing, Deployment, and Project Estimates. The Service Design Package also documents business and IT process changes, essential communications, and training needs required for successful project implementation.

16 PTC 0124, Appeal of Aaron's Inc., Property tax exclusion.

17 PTC 0087, Appeal of Martha Ann Brice, Timeliness of PUV application.

17 PTC 0182, Appeal of Betsy Walton Umberger, Timeliness of PUV application.

January 2018 Monthly Report of State Sales and Use Tax Gross Collections and Taxable Sales

Pursuant to G.S. 105-523, eligible counties must receive a hold-harmless payment for exchanging a portion of the local Sales & Use Tax for the State's agreement to assume the responsibility for the non-administrative costs of Medicaid. This is the Medicaid Hold Harmless Distribution report for March 2018.

16 PTC 0740, Appeal of Village at Town Center LLC, Valuation, Commercial, Multi-family apartment complex.

16 PTC 0739, Appeal of Maystone at Wakefield LLC, Valuation, Commercial, Multi-family apartment complex.

17 PTC 0231, Appeal of David G. and Constance W. Cronk, Valuation, Lot.

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