2018 CD-401S S-Corporation Tax Return

The information contained in these instructions is to be used as a guide in the preparation of the North Carolina S-Corporation tax return and is not intended to cover all provisions of the law.

Personal Tax Bulletin (Individual Income Tax, Pass-Through Entities, and Withholding) reflecting changes made in the 2018 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly.

2018 GAS-1209 Terminal Operator Annual Return

2018 GAS-1201 Claim For Refund - Tax-paid Motor Fuel Used Off-Highway                 

2018 GAS-1200C Claim For Refund - Qualified Power Takeoff Vehicles

2018 Form D-422A Annualized Income Installment Worksheet

2018 Form D-422 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals

Instructions - B-C-788, Nonresident Wine Vendor Monthly Report (NEW - for January 2019 and after) for transactions to N.C. wine wholesalers, importers, or bottlers.

Instructions - B-C-786, Wine Shipper Permittee Annual Excise Tax Return (for calendar year 2019 and after)

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